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Responsibility Strategy

China Oceanwide Holdings Group has donated a total of 1.7 billion yuan to the society for many years and actively participated in poverty alleviation and disaster relief, education, humanistic care, environmental protection and other fields, involving a dozen provinces in the Midwest, hundreds of public welfare projects.

In order to promote the development of social public welfare programs and reflect the social values of the private-owned enterprises and  entrepreneurs to the full extent, China Oceanwide and its founder Mr. Lu Zhiqiang have donated 200 million yuan to establish the Oceanwide Foundation based on the principle "from the society, for the society".  Since its establishment in 2010, Oceanwide Foundation has actively taken part in the public welfare and charity and become an important charity platform for China Oceanwide. In order to promote the prosperity and development of Chinese culture and arts, China Oceanwide donated to set up the "Chinese Culture and Art Prize" in 2010, and held the award ceremony of the first Chinese Culture and Art Prize in 2011. To ensure the selection of "Chinese Culture and Art Prize" to continue for long, China Oceanwide also donated 100 million yuan to set up the "Chinese Culture and Art Foundation" in 2013.

Confronted with the complicated domestic economic situation, China Oceanwide Holdings Group adhered to its chosen course, together with  Oceanwide Foundation, actively shouldered social responsibilities and engaged itself in charitable and social welfare undertakings, also acquired full affirmation and high evaluation from National Ministries, related Local Governments, units and the beneficiaries.