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“Creating a New Urban Life” is the core development philosophy in the company’s real estate business. Oceanwide Holdings Co., Ltd. is a listed public company (stock code: 000046, stock name: Oceanwide Holdings), its real estate business playing a core role in the real estate development and operation of the whole group.


Oceanwide Holdings has set up 10 holding subsidiaries developing estate projects in such primary cities as Beijing, Shenzhen, Wuhan, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Qingdao, Dalian, and Los Angeles in the US, enjoying a developable area of over 8 million square meters, most of which are located in the prime areas of cities with the advantage of large scale developing. In 2014, its total area under construction was 5,610,600 square meters, among which the newly constructed reached 1,111,000 square meters and the continued construction area reached 4,499,600 square meters. Moreover, it finished construction of 743,400 square meters in 2014.


Oceanwide Holdings always hold the attitude of “Pursuing Excellence in Quality and Value” regarding its project development, which contribute to the high reputation of its real estate projects, with Wuhan Oceanwide International Lanhai Park Project honored High-quality Real Estate 2014, Wuhan Oceanwide International Lanhai Park project and Beijing Oceanwide International Residence District Phase 2 awarded Most Attractive High-end Real Estate for Financial Personage in 2014 as well as its Fig Central project in Los Angeles praised Most Attractive Overseas Project for Financial Personage in 2014.
In 2014, Oceanwide Holdings appeared on the finalist of the Top 100 Chinese Listed Companies with Capital Brand in 2014 and received multiple awards including Most Valuable Listed Real Estate Companies for Investment in 2014, Excellent Listed Company in value Management in 2014 as well as Most Valuable Real Estate Company in Financial Innovation in 2014, etc.


By the end of 2014, Oceanwide Holdings possessed total assets of 70.889 billion yuan , of which 9.236 billion Yuan are net assets belonging to the shareholders of its listed companies. Moreover, according to its consolidated statements of 2014, its operating revenue amounts to 7.616 billion Yuan, of which the net margin for the shareholders of its listed companies stays at 1.558 billion Yuan, a 24.13 percent increase compared to that of 2013.
China Oceanwide Holdings Group holds 3,357,159,952 shares that are not subject to trading moratorium, accounting for 73.67% of the Oceanwide Holdings’ total shares.