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Wuhan Oceanwide International Residential District

Yinghai Park in Oceanwide International Residential District is the first large-scale high-end residential project in Wuhan CBD. The net land area of the project reaches 58,600 square meters, and the total floor area is 284,000 square meters with 53.45% for greenbelt. The estimated total investment is 1.606 billion yuan. The first stage of the project was completed and accepted in September 2011, and the delivery was continuously carried out at the end of 2011. Its second stage was also completed in December 2012.

Xianghai Park and Lanhai Park in Oceanwide International Residential District belong to the top international residences in the CBD’s core. These two projects occupy 42,600 square meters of land, of which the total floor area is 228,400 square meters with a floor area ratio of 4.5. Both projects have been under construction since September 6, 2010.

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