Property Management
Hangzhou Oceanwide City Plaza

Oceanwide City Plaza is located in the core area of Qianjiang New City, the east end of West Lake - Qianjiang rapid landscape corridor, west of Qiantang Riverside, covering beautiful ecological landscapes such as the Qiantang River, Forest Park and Urban Viewing Balcony, etc. Its northern part neighbors the city axis, Wave Culture City and Hangzhou International Conference Center. 

The planning land area of the project is 43,000 square meters, with the total floor area of 320,000 square meters. It is composed of luxury five-star hotels, high-rise intelligent office buildings and Oceanwide SOHO centers. By 2012, Oceanwide International Center, a high-rise intelligent office building in the Oceanwide City Garden, had been completed and accepted. Oceanwide SOHO Center and Oceanwide International Hotel are under construction.

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