Property Management
Oceanwide International Residential District


Oceanwide International Residential District is adjacent to three international business districts - Beijing CBD, Lidu and Yansha, as well as the third embassy area. Its total planning area is about 330 hectares, half of which is used for green belt, while the total floor space is about 2.6 million square meters. In the north of the district lies the Sports Landscape Park, which stretches from east to west, providing a natural green belt for the District together with the Chaoyang Park.


Oceanwide International Residential District is divided into four functional areas, including international high-quality residential area, international commercial and cultural center, international trade expo center, and international business garden. It integrates such functions as high-end residence, commerce, exhibition, culture and education, fashion, business, entertainment, sports and leisure. Such four functional areas are respectively independent yet interrelated. The commerce, business, sports and leisure, and education areas will not only cater to consumers’ demands in the residential areas, but also form a new center of culture, commerce, business, entertainment, leisure and service in eastern Beijing.


Phase 1 of the project has been sold out and put into use. The No.1 Lot in the second stage is mainly used for the held property. It will be a new comprehensive landmark in the city. This super high-rise building complex is mainly planned as offices, hotels and high-end apartments with supporting services as retail, entertainment, catering, and supermarkets.
Phase 2 of the project sells well since it went to market in October, 2014, marking that Oceanwide International Residential District is becoming a commercialized quality architecture model in Beijing real estate industry. 


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