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Chairman Lu Zhiqiang Inspects the San Francisco Oceanwide Center Project

Lately, Chairman Lu Zhiqiang inspected the San Francisco Oceanwide Center Project, accompanied by Mr. Liu Jinyan, boarder of director and vice chairman, Mr. Liu Bing, boarder of director, vice chairman and Chief Risk Officer of China Oceanwide, and Mr. Zhao Xiaoxia, boarder of director and president of Insurance Headquarter of Oceanwide Limited. This is the second time that Chairman Lu Zhiqiang has paid a visit to the San Francisco project since he attended the commencement ceremony last year.

At the project site, Chairman Lu Zhiqiang checked on the construction progress and listened to some key work reports. Mr. Lu gave credit for the project progress and the overall design of San Francisco project and made clear instructions that comprehensive management be given in terms of project construction, material selecting, marketing and sales, details be carried out on the basis of a reasonable cost control, and concerted effort be made on project development.

Chairman Lu Zhiqiang said that the whole staff should work together to insure the success of the San Francisco project, speeding up while guaranteeing its quality, and make it a landmark in San Francisco.

The San Francisco Oceanwide Center Project officially started on 8th December, 2016. It is Oceanwide’s second complex project in the US. The Oceanwide Center is about 5,600 square meters of floor area and 224,000 square meters of building area. After completion, it will become the second highest building in San Francisco and hence change the structure of the core area of the city.

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