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Chairman Lu Zhiqiang Inspects the Los Angeles Oceanwide Plaza Project

Lately, Chairman Lu Zhiqiang inspected the the Los Angeles Oceanwide Plaza Project, accompanied by Mr. Liu Bing, boarder of director, vice chairman and Chief Risk Officer and Mr. Li Yiming, vice chairman of China Oceanwide. 

Chairman Lu Zhiqiang listened to the work report by Los Angeles company and visted the project site and the model room of Park Hyatt. Mr. Lu gave credit for the project development for the time being and the overall design of the hotel. He emphasized that a comprehensive planning should be carried out in terms of cost optimization, bidding management, project quality, marketing management, and sales strategy to guarantee the project’s success.

For the future, Chairman Lu called on Los Angeles company to further seize market opportunities, build a premium project oriented towards costs and profits and make Oceanwide a quality brand.

At present, the Los Angeles Oceanwide Plaza has constructed over 26 floors, and is estimated to reach completion by 2019 and then be put into service. It will make significant contributions to the future development of the city core area in Los Angeles. Meanwhile, the Los Angeles project will seize the opportunity of the 2028 Los Angeles Olympic Games to improve the popularity and influence of the Oceanwide brand in the US.

The Los Angeles Oceanwide Plaza project is Oceanwide’s first large-scale urban complex project in the US. It has a floor area of about 18,000 square meters and overall building area of about 257,000 square meters. Containing various functioning parts including a luxurious five-star hotel, a high-end shopping center, and boutique apartments, and equipped with the largest LED billboard in the west coast of the US, this project will become a fabulous landmark in Los Angeles.

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