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Mr. Liu Bing Attended the Outlook of China ICT Market Forum 2017

Mr. Liu Bing, director and vice president of China Oceanwide Holdings Group (hereinafter referred to as China Oceanwide), chairman of executive committee and president of International Data Group (IDG), attended the Outlook of China ICT (Information, communication and technology) Market Forum 2017, an annual event which was held by International Data Corporation (IDC) this year at the Regent Beijing. The event was themed on redefining tech-industry—transition and rise of digital economy, with its focus placed on IDC sharing its observation and perspective of ICT market in China, including the prospects, innovation, challenges and opportunities of ICT industry. The event has seen over 360 partners, suppliers, CIOs and specialists of ICT industry. Live broadcast for the first time, the event was received by around 50,000 people online. This has shown great attention and interest from the general public. 

Mr. Liu Bing addressed the audience in the opening keynote speech, and elaborated on the strategic importance of China Oceanwide acquiring IDG in March 2017. As he put it: “high-tech based digital economy has become the core strategy of an enterprise and a nation as a whole. As the major business platform of IDG, IDC is a world-leading institution of research and consultant on the burgeoning technology market, with sound prospect of future development.”

Besides, he mentioned that IDC will remain an independent business entity under China Oceanwide, with maximum autonomy granted to the incumbent executive team so as to ensure that IDC will continue providing market data, industrial analysis and insight with accuracy and objectivity.

The ICT Market Forum of this year in Beijing revolves around topics such as the opportunities China faces in digital economy transition, strategies applied in the Internet of Things, computer games, augmented reality (AR)/virtual reality (VR), cognitive artificial intelligence, Cloud 2.0 and telecommunication technology of future factories. 

 “Digital transformation will lead the way for industrial development,” said Kitty Fok, managing director of IDC China. “We are deeply honored to have the best analysts with us today, and they have provided us practical solutions and applicable insights into digital industry.”

In addition, she also explained that the third platform technologies will further boost the emergence of digit-savvy customers and accelerate digital transition. In this new economic climate, an enterprise will be measured by its adaptability to a series of new conditions required by digital  technology transition. 

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