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China Oceanwide Releases Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2013


Lately, China Oceanwide Holdings Group Co. Ltd (Hereinafter referred as China Oceanwide) released China Oceanwide CSI Report 2013, disclosing the performance of this group to fulfill its corporate social responsibility from several aspects including economy, society, environment, and staff, etc. The report, as the fifth CSR report China Oceanwide officially issued, fully indicates that China Oceanwide is a responsible enterprise citizen endeavoring to make contributions for harmonious and sustainable development of society, economy and environment.


China Oceanwide is founded in 1985 by Lu Zhiqiang, the Party Committee secretary and chairman of the group. Sticking to the corporate value of “From the society, for the society”, the group always takes the initiative to integrate its social responsibilities into its development strategy since its founding. Over the past two decades, China Oceanwide has donated a total of 1.9 billion Yuan, walking the walk to realize the expectation of private enterprises as “public devices”.


In 2013, China Oceanwide made pro bono donation of more than 200 million Yuan to hundreds of charity programs covering several sector including disaster relief, poverty alleviation, education development, medical treatment and public health, etc. in a dozen provinces in Middle and West China. In 2013, China Oceanwide established China Arts Foundation and Shandong Oceanwide Foundation with donation of 100 million Yuan and 50 million Yuan respectively, using them as specialized platform to make contributions for the society”.


Chairman Lu indicated in the address for Oceanwide CSR report, “in 2013, strictly abide by the principle of ‘seeking progress in stability, and developing according to the circumstances’, China Oceanwide precisely grasped the macro-economic situation and innovated former operation & management mode, stepping up to a new level in all aspects.


Meanwhile, the group never hesitates in committing itself to public service and charity causes. Moreover, the group attaches great importance in staff development, provides high-quality products and services for customers who trust us, advocates green ecology by digging potential in energy conservation and cost reduction, pursues mutual benefit and win-win situation through fair cooperation and trustworthy operation.


China Oceanwide will always actively shoulder its CSR and further enhance its management to better realize its commitment, striving for higher integration of corporate development and social responsibility to build a respected top-tier international company of market influence and social contribution. 


China Oceanwide Holdings Group Co. Ltd, with registered capital of more than 6 billion Yuan, is the backbone of China Oceanwide Holdings Group. With over 20years’ development, China Oceanwide Holdings Group has established its “4+1” industrial structure and business pattern, that is finance, real estate, energy, culture & media plus strategic investment. To date, the group has over 50 affiliates operating in key cities in China and other countries and regions including the United States, Australia, Indonesia, and Hong Kong, etc.

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