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"2013 China Business News•China CSR List" released and China Oceanwide won the "Outstanding Corporate Award"

On December 13, 2013, award ceremony of "2013 China Business News•China CSR List" held by China Business News was grandly held in Shanghai, China Oceanwide Holdings Group Co., Ltd won the "Outstanding Corporate Award".


"China CSR List" had been held six consecutive terms since 2008.The "Outstanding Corporate Award" and "Award for  the Best Practice" were awarded 20 companies respectively,of which "Outstanding Corporate Award" was the most  important award. China Oceanwide Holdings Group Co., Ltd was honored by actively participating in public welfare undertakings andrepaying the society.


Over the years, China Oceanwide has always been adhering to the "three integrations" business philosophy and  "from the society, for the society" core values,from three aspects: economy, society and environment, actively fulfilling the social responsibilities, continuously investing in poverty alleviation, disasters relief,health care, talent training,culture and art, environmental protection and other social public welfare fields,it has donated a total of 1.7 billion yuan to the society,  which reflects the private enterprises' value pursuit of "Public Implements".It continuously contributes to the promotion of  coordinated development of economy, society and environment.


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