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China Oceanwide Holdings Group Co., Ltd released 2012 Social Responsibility Report

A few days ago, China Oceanwide Holdings Group Co., Ltd (hereinafter called "China Oceanwide" ) released China Oceanwide 2012 Social Responsibility Report, which revealed the group to fulfill corporate social responsibility in 2012, embodied China Oceanwide as a responsible corporate citizen, made the efforts and contributions to promoting the harmony of society, economy and environment and sustainable development from the aspects such as economy, society, environment, employees, and this was the fourth corporate social responsibility report China Oceanwide publicly released to the society.

China Oceanwide was founded in 1985 by Mr. Lu Zhiqiang, the founder, legal representative, Communist Party secretary, chairman of the group. Since its foundation, the group has always adhered to the core values of 'from the society, for the society' and consciously fulfill social responsibility into the enterprise development strategy. China Oceanwide has donated a total of 1.7 billion yuan to the society for more than 20 years, and practiced private enterprises’ missions of 'Public Implements' with actual actions. 

In 2012, China Oceanwide donated 38.2 million yuan to Oceanwide Foundation established by the group and participated in lots of public welfare activities based on foundation platform. Public welfare spending of Oceanwide Foundation in 2012 reached 62.5 million yuan, the items included donation for education, new rural construction, entrepreneurship support, support for cultural and arts enterprises, funding environmental protection organizations and other fields, involving 11 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities, benefiting millions of people, to return society and contribute to the society with practical actions.      

Chairman Mr. Lu Zhiqiang said in social responsibility report, "in 2012, facing the complicated international and domestic development environment, China Oceanwide adheres to the work principle of "maintaining stability, convenient development", under the care and support of people from all walks of life, through the joint efforts of all staffs, finance, real estate, energy, culture and media, strategic investment and other various undertakings have been obtained favorable achievements. Meanwhile, we will continue to expand the way of charity, focus on staff team construction and enterprise culture construction and let employees grow together with enterprises, promote green building, build ecological human settlements environment, pay attention to promote the efficiency of energy projects, and build green energy saving atmosphere, to advocate and inherit the Chinese culture, spread the public philosophy, believing in the power of the cooperation together with partners."

As a private enterprise of positively undertaking social responsibility, China Oceanwide will continuously improve the management level of the corporate social responsibility and devote to pursue high unification of enterprise development and social responsibility, looking forward to become a first-class, respected international enterprise with influence and social contribution.

China Oceanwide Holdings Group Co., Ltd is the core enterprise of China Oceanwide Holdings Group, with a registered capital of more than 6 billion yuan. After more than 20 years' growth and development, China Oceanwide Holdings Group has formed “4+1”business structures and business pattern that involves finance, real estate, energy, culture and media, and strategic investment, which has more than 40 subordinate companies. The company is operating in such major Chinese cities as Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Wuhan and in other regions and countries such as Hong Kong, Australia, the United States and Indonesia.

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