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The Eighth 'China Charity Award' Seminar was Held in Beijing

On the afternoon of April 19, authorized by chairman Lu Zhiqiang,  secretary-general of Oceanwide Public Welfare Foundation Li Jianchang attended the 8th 'China Charity Award' seminar and made a report entitled 'from the society, for the society and actively fulfill corporate social responsibility.'

Secretary-general Li said in a statement, 'China Oceanwide Holdings Group founded by chairman Lu Zhiqiang is the domestic and foreign well-known private enterprise, which grows along with our country's reform and opening up. For twenty-eight years, in the process of enterprise development, it has gradually formed the three 'unifications' business philosophy as 'Integrating corporate objectives into social and individual objectives, Integrating corporate responsibilities into social and individual responsibilities, Integrating corporate interests into social and individual interests' and core values of 'from the society, for the society', and this establishes a solid ideological and cultural foundation for us to fulfill social responsibility and do public welfare charity cause, also inexhaustible, internal impetus which we continuously fulfill corporate social responsibility and do well in public welfare charity.'

Our speech evoked a strong repercussion among the delegates attending the seminar and the media. After the speech, many representatives wanted to learn more about the Oceanwide in the field of charity deeds, to learn from the experience of Oceanwide in the field of charity, the media also  initiatively learned more situations and asked for related information, to publicize the public welfare charity behavior of Oceanwide.

China charity prize selection and commendation activity organized by Ministry of Civil Affairs of the PRC was the top-level governmental award of charitable sector in China, which had already developed seven sessions. This was the eighth. China Oceanwide Holdings Group won 'The Most Love Domestic Enterprises Award ' in the sixth selection for activity.

Selective Objects of this activity was individuals, enterprises making outstanding contributions in China's public welfare charity fields and charitable projects having prominent exemplary role during January 2012 to December 2012. Setting up four categories a total of 100 quotas of people, the amount of 'the most love donation individuals' was 20, the amount of 'the most love donation enterprises' was 40 (including 20 private enterprises, 10 state-owned enterprises, 10 Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and foreign enterprises), the amount of 'most love charity models' was 20 and the amount of 'the most influential charity projects' was 20.

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