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China Oceanwide Holdings Group 2013 Annual Work Conference was Held in Sanya

From January 9 to 11, 2013, China Oceanwide Holdings Group 2013 Annual Work Conference was Held in Sanya•Sheraton Hotel. Directors, supervisors of Oceanwide Group, China Oceanwide Holdings Group, management team members and relevant staffs, chairman, presidents (general manager), CFO, risk control officers of subordinate companies attended the conference.

At the meeting, chairman Lu Zhiqiang carefully reviewed the work in 2012, analyzed the current group industry situation and industry situation,and put forward twenty characters work guidelines in 2013 'grasping the opportunity, adjusting the ideas, working hard, accelerating development, achieving growth', cleared two main lines about the future enterprises adjusting to the idea, firstly, from industry structure, according to the reality of Oceanwide, making financial development as a key industry, each industry to cooperate with each other, mutual basis, interactive development, secondly, setting up evaluation system with profit as the core, establishing reward distribution system rewards linked to profits, to mobilize and promote perfection and optimization of other management systems of company.

During the meeting, the participants divided into financial, real estate, energy group had carried on Seminar.
Finally, chairman Lu Zhiqiang accentuated during the conference summary, 'the hope that enterprises can gather a large number of outstanding talents, backbone talents, wholeheartedly develop for the enterprise in the face of new situation and new task, must have the spirit of 'When come to hill, cut a road, when meet river, bridging', must have the courage and perseverance of fall behind or drop, to make our career vigorous. With such courage and faith, constantly condensed the wisdom of the enterprise development power, to give play to our strengths and make up for our weaknesses. I believe that in 2013 the operation and management work of each company in group system will have a larger change and promotion, all the business will present a positive trend of transforming, to lay a solid foundation to achieve the goal of the next five years. Have a good start in 2013 and system carding and propulsion of the business, all the business of Oceanwide will realize new growth on the basis of five years' development goals through the pioneering efforts of next five years.'

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