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Chairman Lu Zhiqiang Attended the First 'Chinese Young Artists Nomination' Award Ceremony

On January 14, the first 'Chinese Young Artists Nomination' award ceremony jointly founded by China Oceanwide Holdings Group and Chinese National Academy of arts was held in Chinese National Academy of arts. Chairman of China Oceanwide Holdings Group Lu Zhiqiang together with minister of Ministry of Culture of the PRC CAI Wu, vice minister Dong Wei, vice chairman of China Federation of Literary and Arts Circles Zuo Zhongyi, president of Chinese National Academy of arts Wang Wenzhang, Fan Zeng, Guo Yicong, Li Duo and other great master of artists attended the award ceremony. 13 young talents from painting, contemporary art, sculpture, calligraphy, seal cutting and other fields was awarded the first 'Chinese Young Artists Nomination'.

China Oceanwide Holdings Group was adhering to the enterprise values of 'from the society, for the society', actively supported the development of Chinese cultural and arts enterprises, and donated 100 million Yuan in 2010 and jointly set up 'Chinese Art and Literature Award' with Chinese National Academy of arts in order to carry forward the quintessence of Chinese culture and mainstream values orientation, to create and spread  excellent spiritual and cultural products. 'Chinese Young Artists Nomination' was another important award China Oceanwide Holdings Group donated in the field of culture and arts after the 'Chinese Art and Literature Award'. The award selected once a year was to inspire and motivate the cultural and arts workers to insist the artistic ideal, development of national spirit, show contemporary spirit, creating outstanding art works with Chinese characteristics, Chinese style and Chinese manner, and promoting the Chinese youth art talent team construction and promoting more outstanding young artistic talents to stand out, in order to contribute to the cultivation of the great artists with representative and landmark in contemporary China.

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