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Youth League Committee of Group Company Held A Symposium to Study the 18th NPC Report Spirit of Party

To study and implement the 18th NPC report spirit of party, unifying thought, building consensus, according to deployment of party committee of Group company about learning the 18th NPC report spirit of party, on November 22, 2012, Youth League Committee of Group company held a symposium to study the 18th NPC report spirit of party, Youth League general branch of each company of Group system in Beijing, members of branch, members of the party branch and excellent league members representatives, a total of 24 people attended the meeting.

On symposium, the youth members spoke actively and talked freely practical significance and deep historical significance of holding the 18th NPC, personal understanding and apperception of the 18th NPC spirit. Everyone agreed that the report on the work of the past five years and the summary of practice since the16th of NPC was practical and realistic, the strategic deployment to comprehensively promote the reform and opening up and socialist modernization, comprehensively promote to build new great project was motivating. After earnestly learning the 18th NPC report of party, we more determined political ideas to follow the party and enhanced to insist Scientific Outlook on Development, to continuously improve the confidence of work ability and work level. At the same time, we also strongly felt great importance and fully trust, enthusiastic care and great expectations of the party to the youth, let the young employees were excited and inspired.

Secretary of Youth League Committee Han Cheng exchanged ideas with everyone on 9 innovations of 18th NPC report reflected on behalf of the Group company and said we would conscientiously complete the activities of learning the 18th NPC spirit according to a unified deployment of Group company party committee. At the same time, calling on the members of the youth to grow knowledge ability, to temper character, to work hard, to complete the labor of duty in the future work life, playing intelligence and showing the value on the big stage of group development .
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