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Group Party Committee Held A Symposium to Study the 18th NPC Report Spirit of Party

After the 18th NPC was held successfully, secretary of the party committee of Group Company comrade Lu Zhiqiang paid high attention to study and implement the 18th NPC report, and made four specific deployments at first time, firstly, we would organize party members to visit the large-scale photo exhibition of 'Scientific Development, Brilliant Achievements', secondly, affiliated companies was required to study in branch units, Thirdly, symposium to study the 18th NPC report spirit of Party was held, Fourthly, we would publish the 18th NPC learning report of 'China Oceanwide' and form the learning results.

On November 19, 2012, Group company party committee held a symposium to study the 18th NPC report spirit of party in 'Oceanwide Lecture Hall' of Minsheng Financial Center. 53 people of the company party committee, general branch, members of the party branch of Group system in Beijing and excellent party members representatives attended the meeting. Executive director of Group company, secretary of the party committee of Minsheng Securities Yu Zheng, member of party committee of Group company, party secretary of Oceanwide Estate Han Xiaosheng, deputy secretary of party committee of Group company Xu Jianbing, member of party committee of Group company, director of the office party Li Neng attended the symposium. Symposium was hosted by vice secretary Xu Jianbing.

Because secretary Lu Zhiqiang attended the standing committee of National Committee of CPPCC, he entrusted comrade Yu Zheng to make learning mobilization and report interpretation. Comrade Yu Zheng started from General Secretary Xi Jinping's specific requirements about learning 18th NPC report, to read five 'Deeply Understandings', to expound the socialist road with Chinese characteristics, the theoretical system of socialism with Chinese characteristics, the system of socialism with Chinese characteristics and the general basis, the general layout, the general assignment of building socialism with Chinese characteristics and other key points, then he focused on the interpretation of the 10 report highlights in his learning refining, including the establishment of a well-off society, two doubles, two 'Five in One', deliberative democracy, ten highlights covered all aspects of the 18th NPC report, which was comprehensive highly refinery of the spiritual essence of the report. Comrade Yu Zheng's interpretation was simple but profound, which helped us more systematic, comprehensive, accurate and profound understanding the spiritual essence of the 18th NPC report.

Delegates spoke enthusiastically, exchanging their experiences on studying the 18th NPC spirit from different angles. member of party committee of Group company comrade Han Xiaosheng, vice president of Group company comrade Wang Hong, Oceanwide Public Welfare Foundation secretary-general comrade Li Jianchang, deputy party secretary of Minsheng Securities comrade Nan Fenglan, vice president of Shitonghengyun comrade Pan Ruiping, vice president of Minsheng Investment comrade Li Yongping, vice president of Oceanwide Estate comrade Chen Jiahua, general manager of Oceanwide Real Estate comrade Zheng Yilong and other comrades made speeches successively. Everyone agreed that 18th NPC report was overall perspective, the connotation was rich, deep thought, it was the political program of the construction of socialism with Chinese characteristics and the guide of building a well-off society roundly. Everyone had expressed high agreement with the 18th NPC report of party and the confidence and expectation of the new central collective leadership of the party. We even more firmed the determination to do a good job of our unit, we would organize the party members of the unit to learn and grasp report spirit, according to the new situation facing the new situation, new demands, in the 18th NPC report and demand of Group company for guidance, innovation, solid work, promoting Group undertakings to develop well and quickly.

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