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Group Company Party Committee Organized Party Members to Visit Large-scale Photo Exhibition of 'Scientific Development, Brilliant Achievements'

On the occasion of the 18th NPC successfully concluding, to help Group party members better learning the report spirit of the 18th NPC of the party, understanding the successful experience of scientific development and achievements in our country since the 16th NPC of the party,on November 15, Group company party committee organized group system part of the party members to the Beijing exhibition center to visit the large-scale photo exhibition of 'Scientific Development, Brilliant Achievements'. Deputy secretary of Group company party committee Xu Jianbing, member of the party committee, director of the office party Li Neng visited the exhibition with more than 40 party members.

Exhibition was divided into foreword, economy, politics, culture and people's livelihood, ecology, national defense, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan and diplomacy, party building, etc.10 parts, which vividly demonstrated the successful experience of scientific development, fully reflected the scientific development to bring the great changes in people's life with photos, charts, models, videos and other forms. Party members were attracted by the exhibition, seriously listened to the narrator, looking at pictures, charts, models one by one and really felt that under the strong leadership of the party, socialist economic construction of China, political construction, cultural construction, social construction and ecological civilization construction and party construction had got the great achievements since the 16th NPC. 

After the visit, the party members said one by one, they had more systematic understanding for the great achievements of the motherland development since the 16th NPC, having a profound understanding of the connotative essence of the scientific concept of development. The visit was of great help to study and comprehend the 18th NPC report spirit of the party. In the future work, they would base on official duty post to innovate, firmly work and contribute to the national development and Oceanwide cause development.

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