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Youth League Committee of Group Company Participated in the 3rd Period of Cadres Training Class in Dongcheng District

From October 15 to 18, 2012, the 3rd period of cadres training class in Dongcheng district jointly organized by Dongcheng District Party Committee Organization Department, Mission District Committee in Dongcheng District was opening in Dongcheng District Party Committee Party School. More than 150 leaders of the grassroots organizations in Dongcheng District, non-public organization of the Youth League and director-general of Youth Party attended training, secretary of Group Company Youth League Committee Han Cheng, deputy secretary Wu Ling attended the class learning on behalf of Group Company Youth League Committee.

To attend this training course was the first action of 'Going out' since Group Company Youth League Committee was established in September this year. It was important opportunity to strengthen the ideological and theoretical study, to establish extensive contacts,to show the spirit of organization of the Youth League of the Group. By learning from the training course, Group Company Youth League Committee established and strengthened the contact with Dongcheng district youth league organizations at all levels, having a deeper understanding to guide and service for the youth, building a learning league organization, accumulating useful experience on the development of the communist youth league work in non-public enterprises.

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