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Organizations of the Youth, Power of the Enterprise—the Communist Youth League of China Oceanwide Holdings Group Co., Ltd. Committee Founding Conference was Held Victoriously

On the morning of September 20, 2012, upon the approval of the Communist Youth League of Beijing Dongcheng District Committee, the Communist Youth League of China Oceanwide Holdings Group Co., Ltd. committee founding conference was held in 'Oceanwide Hall' of Group. 53 youth league member representations of Group system company in Beijing attended the meeting. Authorized by party secretary, comrade Lu Zhiqiang of Group, deputy party secretary of Group party committee comrade Xu Jianbing, member of the Group party committee, director of the office party comrade Li Neng attended the meeting.

First of all, comrade Xu Jianbing expressed warm congratulations for the establishment of Youth League Committee on behalf of the party committee of Group company and secretary Lu Zhiqiang, and put forward the ardent expectations of members of the youth league. Xu pointed out that the establishment of Youth League Committee was a great event in the political life of the group. It was the important measure of the Group to strengthen the organization construction, team construction, enterprise culture construction under the new situation, the important safeguards of fully playing fresh troops function of youth, boost morale, solidarity. Future of Nation and nationality lied in youth, the future development of the enterprise also lied in youth. Organizations of the Youth League should become important channel of Group finding talent, training talents, conveying talents. Cadres should become the model of the party's aides, social and youth, many members of youth must play exemplary and vanguard role in actively participating in the youth league activities, firmly establishing a master consciousness, love and dedication, pioneering spirit, realizing the maximization of individual value in promoting the development of group enterprise. 

Comrade Li Neng read out a list of members of the first committee of the communist youth league of the group company. He stressed that Group company had paid high attention to the cultivation of the young employees. Young employees was the important wealth and power of Group's future development. Youth League Committee should lead the broad members of youth to effectively promote Group work and guide the youth to make the right choice in the crucial stage of life, to build platform and create conditions for young talent.

Secretary of Youth League Committee comrade Han Cheng represented the first member of Youth League Committee to make a speech, first of all thanked party committee of Group company and secretary of Lu Zhiqiang for trust and support of Youth league members, and said we would be worthy of the ardent expectations of leaders at all levels and the trust and support of youth members, continuously pushing forward the organization construction of the group system, making organization of the Youth League more full of vitality, becoming a cohesive, influential, charismatic youth organizations, efforts to unite the youth to make positive contributions to the development of the Group cause .

As a large private enterprise with 27 years development history, the establishment of Youth League Committee of Group marked that a group had a strong organizational guarantee. Youth League Committee of Group would unite and lead the youth member to actively carry out all work for the development of group enterprise achievements under the leadership of party communist of the Group.

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