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China Oceanwide Donated to Poverty Alleviation and Development Undertakings in Ningxia

'China Guangcai Program Ningxia Line' activity jointly sponsored by China Society for the Promotion of Guangcai Program, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region party committee and government was grandly held in Yinchuan on August 8. Related leaders of the United Front Work Department of CPC Central Committee, ACFIC, China Society for the Promotion of Guangcai Program, China Oceanwide Holdings Group and more than 400 private entrepreneurs from all over the country jointly attended the activity. After donating 2 million Yuan for supporting local public welfare undertakings in 'China Guangcai Program Yanbian Line' activity, China Oceanwide Holdings Group combined together Oceanwide Public Welfare Foundation to donate 2 million Yuan again for supporting the development of public welfare undertakings in Ningxia in this 'Ningxia Line' activity, embodying the values of 'from the society, for the society'.

There were still more than 1 million poor people and 420000 handicapped people in Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, poverty alleviation and development burden was very heavy and difficult, task of ensuring and improving people's livelihood was very arduous. As the important measures of the practice of united front 'Concentric', 'Two Healths' theme of ACFIC, promotion of Guangcai practice, 'China Guangcai Program Ningxia Line' activity played an important role to guide the majority of private enterprises paying more attention to 'advantage of backwardness' of less developed areas, to promote private enterprises to actively participate in autonomous regions construction. To further promote the comprehensive development of the autonomous region's economic and society through investment and charitable donations, leading to shake off poverty and get rich, for the benefit of the people, to realize the goal of a well-off society, and simultaneously promoting the scientific development of private enterprise itself and the transformation and upgrading, so as to create a new situation of opening up and win-win development.

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