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Chairman Lu Zhiqiang Attended the 'Concentric•Guangcai Action to Assist Students' Donation Ceremony and Delivered a Speech

On June 19, donation ceremony of 'Concentric•Guangcai Action to Assist Student' jointly sponsored by Shandong Provincial Party Committee United Front Work Department, Oceanwide Public Welfare Foundation and Shandong Provincial Society for Promotion of Guangcai Program was held in Jinan. Chairman of China Oceanwide Holdings Group Lu Zhiqiang attended donation ceremony together with member of the Standing Committee of Shandong Provincial Committee, minister of United Front Work Department Yan Shiyuan, vice chairman of Shandong Province People's Political Consultative Conference, honorary chairman of Shandong Provincial Society for Promotion of Guangcai Program Wang Naijing, party secretary of Shandong University Li Shouxin and delivered a speech.

'Concentric•Guangcai Action to Assist Student' financed 2.5 million Yuan by Oceanwide Public Welfare Foundation and Shandong Guangcai Program Foundation each year, used to fund 500 excellent poor college students selected from Shandong University and other 10 universities in Shandong province. The event started from this year, held annually, for four consecutive years.

Member of the Standing Committee of Shandong Provincial Committee, minister of United Front Work Department Yan Shiyuan said, by conducting the 'Concentric•Guangcai Action to Assist Student', focused on strengthening the 'Concentric' education, making solid progress 'Concentric' practice, effectively improving the core spirit to enlarge social influence, college students should convert the love of party,  state and society from all walks of life to into chance of ambition, source of work energetically, studying hard, striving to grow, contributing to society and serving the motherland with an excellent grades and skills proficiently.

Chairman Lu Zhiqiang said in his speech, 'funding for youth students is one of the important goals of Oceanwide Public Welfare Foundation. This time, funding for undergraduates in my home town Shandong to 'Concentric•Guangcai Action to Assist Student' is my pleasure as a Shandong person, especially pleasure of Oceanwide as a private enterprise. Oceanwide belongs to people of Oceanwide, more of a society. we will continuously proceed to similar activities.'

For the significance of donation action, chairman Lu Zhiqiang said, 'a action to assist student is limited for helping students materially, I sincerely hope that through this activity, I can help the students, on the way of the classmates to realize the ideal of life, adding some warmth and encouragement. I more hope that through more active and enthusiastic participation of the social from all walks of life, we jointly transmit the love torch more widely and continuously on the Qilu earth !'

Facing to hundreds of present college students, chairman Lu Zhiqiang also encouraged, 'we are in a great era started by reform and opening up. Hope students to seize the historical opportunity, studying hard, learning knowledge, learning ability, to combine book knowledge with social practice, and combine own ingenuity with the needs of the country, the society and return to our Alma mater, hometown, the society with more excellent achievements!' 

China Oceanwide was always adhering to enterprise idea of 'Three Unifications' and 'from the society, for the society' corporate values. Since the Group established, it had accumulatively donated more than 1.6 billion Yuan to the society in cultural education, disaster relief, helping the poor, health care and other areas of the public welfare charity. Simultaneously becoming rich, Oceanwide always take positive action on corporate social responsibility to return society and contribute to society.

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