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Oceanwide Sailing, Achieving Dream - Oceanwide Sailing Action in Chongqing Determined the Funding List

After 'Oceanwide Sailing - Chongqing College Students' Entrepreneurial Action' was officially launched on July 28, 2011, it had been got the attention of social from all walks of life and support of college students in Chongqing. For two months, China Sailing Action project office screened to the application 907 articles, after a trial examination in counties and districts and project review link, there were 120 projects to submit to the expert group to review in the end.

On the afternoon of September 29, 2011, China Sailing Action expert commenting was held in Chongqing. Deputy secretary-general of Western China Human Resources Development Foundation Chen Zhichao, chairman assistant of China Oceanwide Holdings Group Liu Jianping, deputy director of Chongqing Administration of Employment Service Yu Jie and leaders of Municipal Commission of Education, Municipal Finance Bureau, well-known entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship trainers etc. 12 evaluation experts attended the meeting. Review meeting passed 105 entrepreneurial projects, Total amount of fund was 3 million.

In experts review conference, 12 evaluation experts were divided into four evaluation groups, each group had three people, including at least one entrepreneurship trainer or well-known entrepreneur, each group was responsible for reviewing 30 entrepreneurship projects. Review materials included 3 parts, 1.Brief introduction to entrepreneurship project and its head, 2.Review written examination questions, 3. 'Entrepreneurship Project Planning'. Review basis mainly included, 1. 'Entrepreneurship Project Planning' was complete or not, 2. growth and innovative of entrepreneurship project, 3. self-consciousness and responsibility of entrepreneurship college students. After two and a half hours review, and ultimately determined a list of 105 entrepreneurial projects, covering 35 districts and counties, the total subsidy was 3 million, among them, project of funding 50000 Yuan was 2, project of funding 40000 Yuan was 13, project of funding 30000 Yuan was 58, project of funding 20000 Yuan was 32. Recipients project leader for nonlocal census register was 15. The 105 projects covered livestock breeding, tree planting, art design and e-commerce etc. , Chongqing college students' entrepreneurship warmth and ability was impressed by the experts presenting to participate in the review. Through jointly efforts of project office, districts and counties managers, social supervisors and all entrepreneurship undergraduates participating in the activities, Oceanwide Sailing Action progressed very smoothly up to now, this made people fully feel entrepreneurial passion of the contemporary college students and support enthusiasm of government and social. In the review of written answers, Chongqing college students not only expressed in plain language for entrepreneurship of determination and enthusiasm, also made people feel their beliefs for striving for their own entrepreneurial dream, although each project financing amount was less, but would be able to get subvention of Oceanwide Sailing Action, was the best Encouragement and recognition for the college students walking in the road. Lu Suo from Jiulongpo district said, 'about the work, more insistance, opportunity begins in a lot of opposition, processes in the discussion and ends in the flowers and applause, about entrepreneurship, more enthusiasm, when other people don't understand, we understand what we are doing, when other people understand, we have succeeded.' when asked himself for what to do pioneering work, Wang Chengchun from Dazu county thought so, 'I've ever asked myself why want to do pioneering work countless times, for ideal, for wealth, or spiritual satisfaction? Perhaps born with stubborn character have already decided that I will proceed on this road, never yielding strength hiding inside, when picturing self-entrepreneurial dreams, blood would boil, no matter what setbacks and hardships I will face, I can always hear the voice 'we are young, we are not afraid of failure'. Whether it is for ideal, for wealth or for spiritual satisfaction, entrepreneurship will be my best end-result. Of course, my entrepreneurship doesn't depend on a hot blood, more is to rely on a wide range of market research, penetrating project analysis and the accurate market judgment as the basis'.

In expert review meeting, all participants proposed some suggestions and comments to the next step work of Oceanwide Sailing Action, would work in the entrepreneurship training, guidance, mutual exchange and subsequent government matching loan etc., to made sure the projects achieve good results.

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