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'Chinese Entrepreneurs Green Action' Started

From August 19 to 20, 'Chinese Entrepreneurs Desert Green Action' and 'Chinese Entrepreneurs Green Development Forum' co-hosted by Kubuqi International Desert Forum organizing committee, People's Government of Erdos and China Elion Resources Group Company was launched in the seventh largest desert of China-Kubuqi Desert. Chairman of Oceanwide Group Lu Zhiqiang, chairman of Wanda Group Wang Jianlin, chairman of Elion Resources Group Wang Wenbiao etc. 23 well-known entrepreneurs in china attended the activity. 'Chinese Entrepreneurs Green Action' was an important sub-forum of 2011 Kubuqi International Desert Forum. In July 2011, the third 'Kubuqi International Desert Forum' was held, which fully demonstrated achievements on Chinese ecological construction, green economic development and exchanged the advanced experience and technologies of global desertification prevention. In order to further deepen the results of forum, Kubuqi International Desert Forum organizing committee decided to hold 'Chinese Entrepreneurs Green Action' and 'Chinese Entrepreneurs Green Development Forum', to launch 'Enterprise Leaders Green Action Club', to show actions and achievements of Chinese enterprises around the main development line of green, exchanging and promoting the sustainable development of Chinese economy.

On the morning of August 20, entrepreneurs jointly held the 'EnterpriseBaseIndustryEverGreenForest' tree-planting program launching ceremony in Kubuqi desert and planted many pine trees. At the scene, 23 entrepreneurs collectively issued a call,Chinaand global companies planted at least 100 trees in the desert per person per year, to green desert and protect human survival space, contributing to this great global charitable public welfare undertakings.  

Entrepreneurs had agreed that green development was a difficult and long-term challengeChina's economy faced, in front of the trend and responsibility, as the main strength ofChina's economic construction, entrepreneurs should undertake sacred mission given by the times to become green action enabler, practitioners and leaders. Today, well-known entrepreneurs in China met in the beautiful Kubuqi desert to open 'Chinese Enterprise Ever Green Forest' planting action, which reflected Chinese enterprise green development, to beautify homes, benefit of future generations,to fulfill development purposes of social responsibility. Meanwhile, through this activity, to exchange green development concept, more important was to spread a kind of concept, that was planting trees, devoting to desert prevention and cure and improving the global climate was great public welfare cause. Actively involved in green action and undertook natural and social responsibility was inevitable choice, which enterprise and society fully resonated to realize century brand, evergreen.
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