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Oceanwide Sailing - Chongqing College Students' Entrepreneurial Action Launching Ceremony Was Held in Chongqing

On July 28, 2011, 'Oceanwide Sailing - Chongqing College Students' Entrepreneurial Action' launching ceremony was held in Chongqing. Executive vice-president of Chinese Academy of Governance, director of Western China Human Resources Development Foundation Wei Liqun attended the ceremony and made important speech, executive vice-mayor of Chongqing Ma Zhengqi attended the ceremony and delivered a speech. Chairman assistant of China Oceanwide Holdings Group Liu Jianping attended the launching ceremony on behalf of the Group.

Since a press conference on July 12, 'Oceanwide Sailing Action' project had got warm response of the undergraduates. By the 27th, official website flow had break through 120000 person-time, declaring projects had reached more than 900, including more than 600 projects through the online review. Deputy president and secretary-general of Western China Human Resources Development Foundation Dai Guiying said in the launching ceremony, many college students from other cities to Chongqing also actively participated in entrepreneurial action, which fully embodied the attraction of 'Oceanwide Sailing Action and charisma of Chongqing. 'Oceanwide Sailing Action' had become a gravitational field of Chongqing college students' entrepreneurial action, becoming a brand popular among university students.

Executive vice-president of Chinese Academy of Governance, director of Western China human Resources Development Foundation Wei Liqun delivered an important speech. He introduced, last year on December 12, Chinese Academy of Governance signed 'Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement' with Chongqing Municipal People's Government, as an important component of the framework agreement, 'Oceanwide Sailing - Chongqing College Students' Entrepreneurial Action' was highly valued by Chongqing Municipal Party Committee, Municipal Government and attached strongly support. Chongqing parties concerned actively supported special funds, to carry out the supporting policies, to promote this project in-depth and sustained development. He thought, 'Oceanwide Sailing Action' was a new exploration of public welfare institution, local government and social enterprise to jointly support entrepreneurship of college students, which fully embodied the attraction and appeal of Chongqing development, embodied the social enterprises and public institutions to love and support of Chongqing college students. He hoped foundation closely cooperated and overall coordinated with related aspects, strengthening funds management and supervision, to really implement funding to each target, manage money, good with money, the good thing to do well and do good things. To ensure openness, fairness and justice with no negative donors' love, not negative social expectations, hoping college students participating in 'Oceanwide Sailing Action' to cherish the opportunity, choose good projects with good money, self-reliance, making a difference, striving to make achievements, meanwhile contributing to economic and social development of Chongqing, realizing self life value.

Chongqing executive vice mayor Ma Zhengqi expressed thanks to Western China Human Resources Development Foundation and China Oceanwide Holdings Group, which gave support to Chongqing college students' entrepreneurial action. He said, 'Oceanwide Sailing Action' had important significance to economic and social development in Chongqing. It could gather parties strength to build a platform for college students to form 'trinity' model of government encouraging entrepreneurship, social supporting entrepreneurship, enterprise self-made. 'Oceanwide Sailing Action' received Chongqing college students' entrepreneurship from other cities was the embodiment of Chongqing attaching great importance to talent, recruitment of wise men, would effectively promote Chongqing to build western talent highland.

Classmate Li Ou From Jiangbei district in Chongqing introduced her application project on small green nursery. She hoped to set up her own garden company later, to bring urban people green and fresh air, the spirit of nature, at the same time, also could offer jobs to more rural women. At present, main problems facing to her was in terms of experience and capital. Her nursery project was still in the preparatory experimental stage, still needed a lot of the accumulation of practical experience. Because of not having enough money, she was unable to build qualified infrastructure and produce enough plantlet, resulting in appealing conditions of field forced to be idle and seed production in short supply. Although having a lot of problems, Li Ou said hopefully, 'could do the things that oneself likes is the greatest happiness of life, could be funded by 'Oceanwide Sailing Action', will be my biggest lucky. I'm sure my entrepreneurial dream will come true' ! 

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