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China Oceanwide Won 2010 Annual China Charity Award

On July 15, 2011, the 6th China charity award celebration meeting sponsored by Ministry of Civil Affairs of the PRC was grandly held in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. Member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, vice prime minister Hui Liangyu, vice chairman of the standing committee of National People's Congress Hua Jianmin, vice chairman of national committee of CPPCC Zhang Meiying attended the conference and presenting the award for winning individuals and enterprises. 40 individuals and voluntary groups, 37 enterprises and 23 charity projects were commended in the meeting. Among them, China Oceanwide Holdings Group was awarded 2010 Annual China Charity Award 'The most love domestic-funded enterprises' award. China Oceanwide Holdings Group executive director and executive vice president Yu Zheng accepted the prize on the stage on behalf of the Group.

China charity award organized by Ministry of Civil Affairs of the PRC was to commend individuals, organizations, enterprises and good charity projects that made outstanding contributions to philanthropy, which reflected the party and the government fully affirmed and encouraged to the social from all walks of life, and playing a positive role in promoting philanthropy spirit and humanitarian spirit, promoting the construction of socialist spiritual civilization, improving the livelihood of the people, the promotion of social harmony.

Since China Oceanwide Holdings Group was founded, adhering to the enterprise idea of 'integrating corporate objectives into social and individual objectives, integrating corporate responsibilities into social and individual responsibilities, integrating corporate interests into social and individual interests,' and corporate value of 'from the society, for the society', Group and Group subsidiary companies actively participated in social poverty, social public welfare undertakings and Guangcai cause. In 2010, China Oceanwide always continued to cultivate and sow in the public welfare charity, dedicating for opening charity flowers in the earth.

In 2010, Group donated nearly RMB 550 million Yuan to charity and social public welfare undertakings, including donated RMB 100 million Yuan to set up 'Chinese Culture and Art Award', used for commending and rewarding the artists with noble spirit, outstanding talent and outstanding contribution who were engaged in the creation and research on music, dance, drama etc. various art categories. Donating RMB 40 million Yuan to support the drought relief of five provinces in southwest, donating RMB 50 million Yuan to support western talent development, Donated 50 million Yuan to support Jilin flood disaster, flood relief and other activities, donating RMB 200 million Yuan to set up Oceanwide Public Welfare Foundation, these embodied an undertaking, responsible private enterprises and entrepreneurs to concern the society with the noble sentiments.

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