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Chongqing City 'Oceanwide Sailing' Undergraduates' Entrepreneurial Action Donated and Supported by China Oceanwide Officially Started

On the morning of July 11, 2011, Chongqing city 'Oceanwide Sailing' undergraduates' entrepreneurial action co-sponsored by Western China human Resources Development Foundation, China Oceanwide Holdings Group and Chongqing relevant departments was held a press conference in Chongqing, China Xinhua News Agency, People's Daily, Guangming Daily, Chongqing TV Station, Chongqing daily etc. 12 medias more than 20 reporters attended the meeting. Holding a press conference marked the 'Oceanwide Sailing' Chongqing undergraduates' entrepreneurial action  officially launched. The action would pay 8 million Yuan, developing 1000 undergraduates entrepreneurship training, funding 100 entrepreneurship projects, promoting the employment for more than 500 people in 2011. Among them, China Oceanwide Holdings Group donated 4 million Yuan, mainly used for initial capital of entrepreneurship projects. Chongqing fiscal match was 4 million Yuan, mainly used for the implementation of entrepreneurship training subsidies, small assure loan the funding object of public welfare project 'Oceanwide Sailing Action' was undergraduates who graduated from Chongqing university graduates in 2011 and graduated in five years in Chongqing, individual or team all could declare. Reporting procedure was network declaration and dependency declaration. Districts and counties of Chongqing human social security departments would be primary to all reporting projects, after winning the primary election, arranging overall entrepreneurship training, policy interpretation, investment project selection, financing and investment, marketing, financial management, business case analysis, industrial and commercial taxes laws and regulations knowledge, business plan making and related training, in order to improve the entrepreneurial ability of entrepreneurs. After training, the entrepreneurs made 'Project Definition Document' and submitted to Chongqing Human Resources Social Security Bureau to participate in the review. 'Oceanwide Sailing Action' would give priority to support agricultural technology and science, energy conservation and emission reduction, green economy, circular economy, modern service industry, high and new technology etc. industry entrepreneurship programs. Total investment of the entrepreneurship program was about 100000 Yuan. Sponsor would choose about 100 projects to fund, a single project funded 20000 to 50000 Yuan. Chongqing human resources social security departments would also provide projects recommendation, sites support, tax breaks and tracking guidance etc. supports.

Deputy president and secretary-general of Western China Human Resources Development Foundation Dai Guiying expressed at a news conference, to help undergraduates' employment entrepreneurship was a great kindness to solve government worries, society, family difficulties, education suffering, students needs, 'Oceanwide Sailing Action' was the first undergraduates' entrepreneurship support project developed by the foundation, also a beneficial attempt to integrate social forces to participate in the undergraduates' entrepreneurship activities, the supervisor would introduce society supervisor to strictly supervise the project operation and fund utilizing, through the exploration, formation mechanism, could be promoted in a wider range in the future.

China Oceanwide Holdings Group chairman assistant Liu Jianping said at a press conference, employment was vital to people's livelihood, entrepreneurship was the source of employment. Young students was the main part of the new jobs, Young students' employment and entrepreneurship was directly related to the social stability of country and economic development. China Oceanwide Holdings Group would work together with Western China Human Resources Development Foundation, Chongqing relevant departments, jointly concerned support college students entrepreneurship, to help undergraduates to realize own life value, To make many college students not only gain outstanding achievements for the society but also compose beautiful life melody.

On the morning of July 12, China Oceanwide Holdings Group, Western China Human Resources Development Foundation, the relevant head in Chongqing Human Resources Social Security Departments walked into 'Sunshine Chongqing' column studio of Chongqing Broadcasting Station to further communicate with major University graduate student around 'Oceanwide Sailing - Chongqing college students' entrepreneurial action' development and answered the related questions of audience of undergraduate students.

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