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Chairman Lu Zhiqiang Attended 'Non-public Economy Person Grateful for Old Revolutionary Base Areas Jinggang Line' Activities & Commemoration of the 90th Anniversary of the CPC Founding Conference

From June 8 to 9, 'Non-public Economy Person Grateful for Old Revolutionary Base Areas Jinggang Line' Activities & commemoration of the 90th anniversary of the CPC founding conference sponsored by the United Front Work Department of CPC Central Committee, China Society for Promotion of Guangcai Program was grandly held at Jinggangshan city, the red cradle of Chinese revolution. The theme of activity was 'Thanksgiving old revolutionary base areas, Jinggang spirit inheritance', 150 non-public economy representatives from all over the country people paid a visit to Cemetery of Revolutionary Martyrs with great respect and visited Huangyangjie, Dajing, Longtan etc. revolution traces, visited the revolutionary tradition teaching point, also watched the large live-action performance 'Jinggangshan', accepted a vivid and profound tradition education of party, national conditions and the revolutionary, deepened the understanding of hard-won good situation, deepened the understanding of the significance to vigorously carry forward Jinggangshan spirit under the new era conditions, to further strengthen the thoughts and feelings of thanksgiving party, thanksgiving country, thanksgiving people and sense of social responsibility, more firmly taking the path of socialism with Chinese characteristics under the leadership of the party. 

Deputy director of the United Front Work Department of CPC Central Committee, Party Committee secretary, first vice-president of ACFIC, vice chairman of China Society for Promotion of Guangcai Program Quan Zhezhu made a speech at symposium held on June 9 to point out that we selected the 90th anniversary of the CPC founding opportunity to organize non-public economy person to Chinese revolution cradle Jinggangshan to accept education, was to review the struggle course of CPC, felt the dedication of people in old revolutionary base areas, carried forward the innovation spirit, carrying forward Guangcai spirit of consideration of morality and justice, justice-first, further enhanced the industry's purpose, sense of responsibility for repaying society and urgent sense of scientific development, more firmly with the party and the people together, jointly shouldered the important task of building socialism with Chinese characteristics.

Member of the Standing Committee of the CPPCC, vice president of ACFIC, chairman of China Oceanwide Holdings Group Lu Zhiqiang attended the event and made a speech in the seminar, he pointed out, 'rich national spirit formed through five millennium's history of the Chinese nation is our impetus for national continuous development. Old revolutionary spirit represented by Jinggangshan spirit, long march spirit, Yan'an spirit, Xibaipo spirit etc. has become an integral part of the Chinese national spirit. Old revolutionary spirit is simple and precious, eternally renewed, these precious spiritual wealth is the countless revolutionary martyrs, people with lofty ideals experiencing the baptism of blood and fire with blood and life. we should cherish. Private enterprise is new economic organization complying with the national development in the reform and opening up and advancing the great cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics cannot be separated from the development of private enterprises and development and innovation of private entrepreneurs. Through Jinggangshan gratitude action, I feel as a private enterprise, private entrepreneurs have to learn to draw nutrition from Jinggangshan spirit, promote health and sustainable development of private enterprise. Through the two-day study and visit, every participants feel grand and great Jinggangshan spirit. The broad private entrepreneurs hold profound gratitude to Jinggangshan revolutionary, we will, as always concern, support Jinggangshan revolutionary construction and the social public welfare undertakings of Jinggangshan. At present, many private enterprises are actively involved in a nationwide gratitude action, it is because of the private enterprises having such consciousness and action, private enterprises of China will continue to create a better tomorrow.'

Vice President of ACFIC, vice chairman of China Society for Promotion of Guangcai Program Xie Jingrong, vice secretary of Jiangxi provincial Party committee Zhang Yijiong, member of the standing committee of provincial party committee, minister of organization, minister of the United Front Mo Jiancheng, vice governor Hong Li and and other leaders also attended the activity. During activities, donation ceremony on thanksgiving action public welfare project was held, the non-public economy people donated Funds and materials to special education school in Jian city, Jinggangshan city foster center for the disabled, Jian old revolutionary old revolutionary, old party members, the old model etc.. Among them, Oceanwide Public Welfare Foundation donated 3.3 million Yuan used to support the Jinggangshan revolutionary construction.

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