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Oceanwide Group Party Committee Celebrated the 90th Anniversary of Party Convention Was Grandly Held in Beijing

On July 1, 2011, to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the founding of CPC,  'Oceanwide Group party committee of the CPC celebrated the 90th anniversary of party convention' was grandly held in Beijing. Oceanwide Group party committee members, Oceanwide Estate Group party committee members, Minsheng Securities Co., Ltd. party committee members, party members of Group system inBeijingand activist representatives nearly 200 people attended the meeting. Conference was hosted by Oceanwide Group party committee deputy secretary Yu Zheng, Group party secretary comrade Lu Zhiqiang attended the meeting and made an important speech entitled 'Strengthen Team Construction, Realize Scientific Development'.

Secretary Lu Zhiqiang pointed out, 'to do well enterprise party Construction work, we must unify thought, improve cognition, form consensus in the following three aspects, first, we must have the correct understanding for 90 years history of CPC, fully aware of the historical inevitability of the ruling of CPC, with development view on 90 years founding history, especially to recognize CPC to form continuous renewal, keeping pace with the times, self-improvement mechanism after the baptism of blood and fire, this is the fundamental guarantee of party always keeping fresh vitality, also our premise to strengthen recognition prerequisite of the enterprise party construction, secondly, we should earnestly grasp the theory, route and policies for party leading development of non-public economy since reform and opening up, deeply understanding basic economic system of socialism primary stage, and consciously accepting leadership of the party, promoting scientific development of enterprises, making private enterprises play a good role in the great cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics, it is the fundamental guarantee of sustainable and healthy development of private enterprises in the future, this is our main theoretical basis to strengthen party construction, thirdly, it is to grasp the party construction around development, to grasp party construction to urge development. 30 years reform and opening up to the environment and atmosphere for the development of private enterprises was hard-earned, on the one hand, private enterprises should cherish development environment and opportunities, making enterprise develop well, at the same time, private enterprises should actively take more social responsibility, and constantly promote continuous innovation of private enterprise development policy theory supported by our party and state, this is our closely around work goal for party construction.'

Secretary Lu Zhiqiang stressed that Oceanwide Group system party members must not only do 'six havings' requirements —having party spirit, comrades spirit, integrity, pragmatic spirit and dedication spirit, spirit of the times, also should have 'a kind of concept, three kinds of consciousness, four kinds of spirit', a kind of concept was the overall concept. In an increasingly complex domestic and international situation, the construction of socialism with Chinese characteristics could not leave the leadership of CPC, three kinds of consciousness included, we should keep in mind objective consciousness of serving the people wholeheartedly, strengthen practical and loyal sense of responsibility, consciously accept party's rules and constraints of discipline, in thought, action always maintained conformity with the Party Central Committee, faithfully implemented the party's route policy, continuously strengthening self-discipline consciousness for improve self, beyond self purpose. Four kinds of spirits were model spirit, dedication and enterprising spirit, innovative spirit. The main difference between communist party members and ordinary people reflected in if you could play exemplary and vanguard role to drive more and more people around you, through their exemplary actions, making due contribution to enterprises development and even promotion of socialist core value system construction. Communists in wartime spoke dedication spirit, in peaceful construction time, we must speak dedication as well under the condition of market economy. Oceanwide '16-character' enterprise spirit contained dedication, dedication was a virtue, also a kind of state, The party's career had no end, as the development of enterprises was driven back, as each party member of enterprise, was to have a higher purpose, have the pioneering spirit of continuous transcendence, to constantly take more missions and tasks for the development and contribute their wisdom and strength in a rapidly changing market environment, A ruling party, a country needed innovation, an enterprise, especially private enterprises developing through innovation from the market was more inseparable from innovation. On new party members swearing-in ceremony, all the whole together with the new party members read and reviewed party pledge. Finally congress made 'long live the Communist Party of China' as the theme of a red song concert. Oceanwide Property's choir one group, two group respectively song 'South Lake Boat Cradle of the Party', 'Committee Member Mao Coming to Sanwan', 'Ten Farewell to Red Army', 'Crossing Fourth Chishui out Raiders', 'Spring Story', 'Into the New Age' and so on popular songs, to praise the Communist Party of China to change the suffering history of the Chinese nation, deeply express love of the party and express determination and confidence for creating brilliant new career of China under the leadership of the CPC. Meanwhile, reviewed important process CPC led the people through the new democratic revolution, socialist revolution and reform and opening up since the founding of CPC. Finally, conference came to the end in the song 'There Would Be No New China without CPC'.

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