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Mr. Zhiqiang Lu: A Low-key “Invisible” Philanthropist

People's net Beijing April 27 report (Reporter Pan Cao) The latest China charity list has been released by the Chinese Edition Shanghai ‘Forbes’ on April 19 and Hurun Research Institute simultaneously. The chairman of China Oceanwide Holdings Group (COHG) Zhiqiang Lu was placed for the third and fourth respectively. The name Zhiqiang Lu did not acquire a high public recognition in this splendid list and his ranking was not the top one that has drawn the attentions of mass media. However, for people who know him well, all of this matches Zhiqiang Lu’s low-key and modest character.

There are many successful people with high exposure rate in the charity list such as Jianlin Wang, Dewang Cao, Guangbiao Chen etc. Compared with them, Zhiqiang Lu seems to be modest and mysterious. As the enterprise's founder and leader, Zhiqiang Lu regards charity as an important part of his corporation. In 2010 he donated RMB 550 million Yuan of the profits of the enterprise as a public charity, which leads the public to remember Oceanwide with full love and social responsibility. But Chairman Zhiqiang Lu is like a director hidden behind the scenes. No wonder people called Zhiqiang Lu "invisible" philanthropist.

With Zhiqiang Lu’s advocation and insistence, Oceanwide made a lot of contributions. From the donation to single individual projects to disaster salvation, poverty relief, cultural education, new rural construction, and development of the western region and some other aspects. The charity of Oceanwide has grown up with development and expansion of the corporation in 26 years. What is particularly worth mentioning is that in 2008 Wenchuan Earthquake and 2009 Yushu Earthquake, Oceanwide has donated RMB 328 million Yuan. This time Zhiqiang Lu went to the front, as the party secretary of Oceanwide, Mr. Zhiqiang Lu donated RMB 10 million Yuan to support the earthquake rescue. By the end of 2010, China Oceanwide had donated 1.57 billion Yuan to the society accumulatively. 

‘From the Society, for the Society’is an important concept in Zhiqiang Lu’s mind. As the entrepreneur of a large private-run enterprise, the best way to practice is to make it as the enterprise's core values. Converting personal thoughts and pursuits to standard behaviors and let enterprises serve as the carrier of national and personal connections, making sure the realization of high unification of purpose, responsibility and interests of our nation, enterprises and individuals. On October 25, 2010, Oceanwide Public Foundation has been established with the approval of the Ministry of Civil Affairs of the PRC. Their initial fund is 200 million Yuan, which is marked China Oceanwide consciously fulfill the social responsibility of the enterprise into the sustainable development of the long-term strategy. Zhiqiang Lu said that most of their future wealth would be applied to the Oceanwide Public Foundation. In Zhiqiang Lu’s opinion, ‘Charity is not merely a return to society, one would also get a sense of happiness at the same time.’

Zhiqiang Lu said: ‘The private enterprise should perform social responsibility. Firstly, the well operation of the corporation should be based on scientific and creative concepts. Secondly, paying taxes in accordance with law, and take the responsibility of paying the tax. Thirdly, offering more job opportunities for the society. Fourthly, giving more support to public welfare and charity. Fifthly, the needs of the society and the country can stand out at critical moment.’

It is not just a kind heart lead to Zhiqiang Lu’s kind behavior. The development of charity will be in difficult without the development of his enterprise. The success of Oceanwide has undoubtedly relied on Zhiqiang Lu’s long-term vista and his accurate judgement of the macro situation. After twenty-six years’accumulation, Oceanwide has converted from single investment to multi developments. It has formed real estate, finance, energy sources, cultural media and strategic investment of the “4+1” industry layout. In 2009, the total assets of China Oceanwide had reached 54.116 billion Yuan, its net assets were 19.24 billion Yuan, its net profit was 2.879 billion Yuan, and 1.765 billion Yuan taxes.

It is the responsibility and mission of the entrepreneur to operate the enterprise well. However, for an excellent entrepreneur, it is only completed a necessary will. In Zhiqiang Lu’s opinion, one must stand in the position of society and nation to be excellent and shoulder more responsibilities, and charity is the unavoidable passage to success.

Mr. Zhiqiang Lu actively undertakes the social responsibilities of his enterprise through charity, which sets up an example for the entrepreneurs of private enterprises. They adhere to the enterprise value pursuit which continuously extends and transmits to the society. In this sense, he is worthy of modern intellectual businessman representative. 

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