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Chairman Zhiqiang Lu was in the Charity List of Forbes and Hurun.

The charity list of 2011 has been released by the Chinese Edition Shanghai ‘Forbes’ and Hurun Research Institute on April 19, 2011, simultaneously. According to two different statistical lists, the chairman of China Oceanwide Holdings Group (COHG) Zhiqiang Lu is ranked Forbes and Hurun charity the third and fourth list respectively.

In 2010, China Oceanwide Holdings Group (COHG) has donated 40 million Yuan to drought disaster areas in southwest of China, 50 million Yuan to Jilin flood area, 100 million Yuan to Yushu disaster area. It has invested 100 million Yuan as the prize of “Chinese culture and art” and 200 million Yuan for the Oceanwide Public Foundation which has a closed relationship with a lot of fields such as education, culture and public welfare and so on. The total donation has reached 550 million Yuan.

With the guidance of their chairman Zhiqiang Lu, COHG still persists to the enterprise core values of ‘from the society, for the society’and‘three unified’enterprise philosophy. When our country is in need of help, the enterprise should actively undertake their social responsibilities, it reflects high social responsibilities of contemporary private entrepreneurs and private enterprises. 

Forbes Chinese editor, Jiangong Zhou said the threshold of China charity donation and the total of all donations boosted in this year. It indicated that Chinese entrepreneurs donation consciousness and the donated ability greatly improved, Mr. Zhiqiang Lu has set an example for China charitable donation career.

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