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Making Oceanwide Estate the Biggest Winner of China Real Estate Reputation List

People's net Beijing April 20 report (Reporter Xiaoli Zhang).  The ranking list of Chinese housing estates has been revealed recently by People’s net year long. Oceanwide Estate has become the biggest winner of this ranking list: the chairman of Oceanwide Estate Group Zhiqiang Lu has acquired the reward of ‘the most charming leader’in high votes; Oceanwide Estate won the “famous brand of housing estates”; its branches Hangzhou Oceanwide International Center and Wuhan Oceanwide International Residential District have both won the reward of “Product quality”.

In face of such a great honor, the representative figure of Oceanwide Estate said that there was no secret to create a famous brand and earn a good fame. It stems from the value of “creating the biggest profits for shareholders and creating the highest fortunate for the society”. And the social enterprise personal goal responsibility and interests, unification of social enterprise values orientation to “From The Society; For The Society”. The enterprise regards protecting the natural environment and natural resources as the first responsibility, and actively promoting new process, new product, new technology application in real estate development project. Striving to create an environment friendly and resources conserving enterprises, which will do help to the sustainable developments of enterprises and society.

Oceanwide 's award-winning project is located in Hang Zhou and Wu Han. In fact, Oceanwide Estate projects are distributed in Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan, Shenzhen, Zhejiang and so on.  Under the background of uncertainty in the market prospect of the year 2011, how does Oceanwide Estate establish such a firm development strategy? Oceanwide Estate said that the macroeconomic measured in 2011 was specific, although it would have influence in a short-term. But it is good for the long-term development of the Chinese real estate industry. At present, main  projects of Oceanwide focus on Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan, Shenzhen, Dalian, Hangzhou, Qingdao and other important center cities' center location.  Project unit value is high. Until now, the project under construction and reserved land is about 8 million square meters, which can satisfy the future developing needs of real estate.

Oceanwide’s confidence also comes from its forward-looking strategy and arrangements. Before the macro policies, Oceanwide planned to increase the proportion of commercial real estate. At present, the corporation has been formed diversified development format, including residential, commercial, office, hotel, etc. Oceanwide revealed that the next few years the company will plan to develop 4 million square meters of business projects. Among them are part of the property, these property are mainly concentrated in Hangzhou, Wuhan, Shanghai, Beijing and other regions. Once the plan is realised, the property management and lease will produce stable cash flows, and form a good complement to the corporation profits.

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