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With the Financial Support of China Oceanwide Holdings Group (COHG), Western Rainbow MPA class of Zhejiang University held its opening ceremony

On March 30, 2011, Zhejiang University 2010 MPA opening ceremony of the western rainbow class was held in Zhejiang University. National Committee of CPPCC, National Development and Reform Commission former vice director Jinxiang Wang , the original group leader of Western Talent Regulations in State Council, the deputy director & secretary general of Western China Human Resources Development Foundation Guiying Dai, the deputy director western company of National Development and Reform Commission Xiaoli Ou and the vice president of Zhejiang University Weidong Luo , the members of Western MPA classes etc. more than 100 participants attended the opening ceremony. Executive director and executive vice president of China Oceanwide Holdings Group (COHG) ZhengYu on behalf of COHG was invited to attend the ceremony.

China Oceanwide Holdings Group (COHG) financed Zhejiang University Western Rainbow MPA class through Western China Human Resources Development Foundation. MPA Western Rainbow class adopts public examination as selection of leading cadres from the west to go to Zhejiang University to study for master degree of Public Administration, and they have trained a large amount of talents with new thinking, new ideas, innovative spirit, in particular, to promote institutional innovation, policy innovative talents of senior public administration to support the construction of the development for the west regions. At present, Zhejiang University MPA Western Rainbow class has trained and conveyed more than 500 outstanding management talents, it has made positive contribution for the strengthening of the talented person troop construction, further west advance the development of the west regions. 

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