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China Oceanwide Holdings Group Funded and Started a

January 18, 2011, funded by China Oceanwide Holdings Group(COHG), Western China Human Resources Development Foundation, China Oceanwide Holdings Group, China Calligraphers Association, China Communist Youth League Beijing Committee, the Beijing Times, Beijing Traffic Radio jointly carried out the activity “ Ties to the West • Love in Beijing –”52"Beijing Migrant Workers Warm Spring Action” officially started.

According to statistics, there are more than 5 million migrant workers in Beijing. Spring Festival is the peak season of migrant workers to return home. As New Year approaches, a "warm spring action " via the Beijing Municipal Communist Youth League of the district, provincial (city) Mission in Beijing, and hundreds of volunteers workstations and other channels, takes the form of distributing, the delivery by choosing sites, visit, etc. with cultural and entertainment products and necessities of life as carriers, including cards with the warm spring Tips, Zhou Li, hand treasure, backpacks, couplets donated 220,000 sets (pieces) warm spring gifts to workers in Beijing, carried out knowledge popularization and training assistance services about legal, employofficialt, labor insurance, welfare, urban life, family care, labor arbitration, rights protection and so on. These enable migrant workers who are engaged in Beijing's construction, development and services return home with warmth in Beijing, and it advocates the whole society to care migrant workers, live in harmony with each other and construct and share a better life.

June 2010, in order to support the western region to train and cultivate talents,  accelerate the economic and social development in Western China, China Oceanwide Holdings Group and Western China Human Resources Development Foundation established a strategic partnership, planed a total donation of 50 million yuan RMB within five years to strengthen the construction of western talented person troop. The "Warm Spring Action" is the one of the strategic cooperation. The activity embodies concern and care for migrant workers from China Oceanwide Holdings Group and the different sectors of society. China Oceanwide Holdings Group executive director, Public Relations Management Headquarters general manager Yiming Li attended the launching ceremony. Western China Human Resources Development Foundation chairman Wulong Wang,vice chairman & secretary general Guiying Dai, deputy secretary of China Communist Youth League Beijing Committee Lixian Yang, other guests and he presented gifts to representatives of migrant workers on the scene.

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