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Oceanwide Public Foundation Held the First Meeting of the First Session of the Council.

The first meeting of the first session of the Council of Oceanwide Public Foundation was held on October 15, 2010 in Beijing. Foundation director Zhiqiang Lu, zheng Yu, Jianping Liu, Jinyan Liu, Zixin Qi and Ying Zhang presented at the meeting, supervisor Jianmei Qi, Yingwei Zhao attended the meeting.

The meeting examined Foundation constitution, Logo scheme and elected chairman, vice chairman, secretary general, vice secretary general, also discussed the near working plans and development program about the Foundation. 

After the unanimous voting of attending directors, they adopted ‘Constitution of Oceanwide Public Foundation’ and elected Xiaoyun Lu as chairman, Zhiqiang Lu as vice chairman, Zheng Yu as secretary general and Jianping Liu as vice secretary general, also examined and adopted the mark of Oceanwide Public Foundation. 

Oceanwide Public Foundation is a non-public charitable foundation which was launched by China Oceanwide Holdings Group and Mr. Zhiqiang Lu. The total original fund was RMB 200 million Yuan. On October 25, 2010, it was approved by Ministry of Civil Affairs of the PRC (Letter of Ministry of Civil Affairs of the PRC [2010] No. 259 ‘Ministry of Civil Affairs of the PRC on Approval of Establishment and Registration of Oceanwide Public Foundation’).  (Directors and supervisors who attended the meeting)   

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