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Wuhan CBD Underground Space Supporting Rail Transit Stations & Wangjiadun Construction of Oceanwide International SOHO City Project

On the morning of October 12, 2010, Wuhan Wangjiadun Central Business District ‘Oceanwide International SOHO City’ project site, the situation was very splendid with a deafening sound of gongs and drums and beautiful flowers clustering together. The opening ceremony of underground space supporting rail transit stations       of Wuhan CBD and Wangjiadun International SOHO project was grandly held in this city. The member of Standing Committee of the CPPCC, vice chairman of ACFIC, chairman of China Oceanwide Holdings Group Zhiqiang Lu, mayor of Wuhan city Chengfa Ruan, vice director of the Standing Committee of Wuhan City People's Congress, Jinzhi Lv, related functional departments of Wuhan and garrison units of Wangjiadun district, Jianghan district and its functional departments, Oceanwide Estate Group, Wangjiadun Business District Stock Corporation and some other relevant units nearly 300 guests attended the opening ceremony. The celebrating ceremony was hosted by director of Wangjiadun CBD Administration Ping Zhang, vice mayor of Wuhan Municipal People's Government Ya Sun, and chairman of Wuhan Metro Group Co., Ltd. Heping Tu, chairman of Wuhan CBD Corporation Xiaosheng Han gave speeches respectively, the mayor of Wuhan Municipal People's Government Chengfa Ruan announced the starting of the project. The member of Standing Committee of CPPCC, deputy chairman of ACFIC, chairman of China Oceanwide Holdings Group Zhiqiang Lu, the mayor of Wuhan City Chengfa Ruan, vice director of the Standing Committee of Wuhan City People's Congress, Jinzhi Lv, vice major Ya Sun, executive director of China Oceanwide Holdings Group, vice chairman and president of Oceanwide Estate Group Minghai Li, executive director and vice president of China Oceanwide Holdings Group, chairman of Oceanwide Estate Group Supervisory Board Zheng Yu started the commenced lever together. With the cheerful melody, the pile driver started at the same time, the color flowers danced in the air, the machine was rolling. The construction of Wuhan CBD underground space officially started, and another extra large commercial office integrated project ---- Oceanwide International SOHO City project started to be constructed. 


The rail traffic of Wangjiadun center station is an important traffic facility in Wuhan CBD, which is the largest subway station in Wuhan and it is the first implementation project of Wuhan CBD underground space. In the project, Line 3 is as long as 484.9m, the general length of Line 7 is 158m. There is a transfer channel between Line 3 and Line 10 in the upper parts of the eastern interval; Line 10 Wangjiadun station is located at the western side of Baofeng north road. Other underground space station of the same phase with Wangjiadun central station are Line 3 and 7 interval, central plaza, Huanghai road tunnel, underground transportation ring corridor and comprehensive environment, underground pedestrian corridor (including commercial parts) and underground parking lot with single building type etc. seven parts. The total construction area is 218,000 square meters.

Oceanwide International SOHO is located in Wuhan CBD core area, nearing the Huaihai Road on the north, nearing Zhujiang Road on the south, nearing the Business District Road on the west, and nearing the Eastern Business Road on the east. The occupying area of this project is 6.05 hectares, the total construction area is 610,000 square meters, including the ground construction area of 484,000 square meters in the future plans, and the underground construction area of 126,000 square meters. As one of the most important function of the CBD, Oceanwide International SOHO City is always based on creation, innovation, and the sharing characteristics steered the concept of the development of urban business centre. As the docking window of linking Wuhan with the world CBD ----- Oceanwide International SOHO City is regarded as the world-class brand new business office space, especially it is a gathering place for SMES to present their image and personality; to realize their ambitions, to highlight the personality development. Their property type is SOHO offices and ancillary commerce. The skirt building 1-2 layer is designed for shops; the total commercial construction area is 48,400 square meters with two-way commercial layout, forming a commercial inner street paralleling No.103 road. 1-3 layer of underground is designed for special garage, which fully satisfies the demand of business and office. 

There are 8 buildings in Oceanwide International SOHO project, combined by 2 buildings of 150 meters, 6 buildings of 100 meters high-rise residence. Oceanwide International SOHO City takes symmetric layout, and it provides lighting window for adjacent space to exchange with nature. Sunshine is able to penetrate into indoor at a maximum level. The square structure will provide higher space utilization. It is designed a hall in the sky, integrating commercial information exchange, the business negotiations service, business discussion, creative collision and leisure entertainment at a whole. It has become a mutual platform for the entrepreneurs to communicate and help mutually. There is an unprecedented large underground parking lot providing more than 3,700 parking spaces. It makes each inch to be the extension of enjoyment. It is comparable to the office parking of world's top grade settings. Oceanwide International SOHO City adopts world-leading freedom separate space structure without pillar design. The division of type of flat is not according to size, width, area but allocates according to customers' expectations and needs, from 100 square meters startup studio to 300 square meters regional headquarters. The business of Oceanwide International SOHO City is located in skate building, it will attract creative, characteristic and fashion brand merchants. It pursues optional choices and high grade, forming an integration of living blocks that include retail, restaurants and entertainments. 

The construction of core projects of Wuhan CBD symbolizes the period of rapid development and it also marks the comprehensive exploitation of Oceanwide Estate in Wuhan CBD steps into a new stage. With the development construction pace of Wuhan CBD, this year the backbone network which is composed by 25 roads will be built essentially. Wuhan center, Oceanwide City Square, Oceanwide International Residential District, Mountain Water Park and some other projects are all constructed at an accelerating pace. In the near future, Wuhan CBD will magnificently present a grand picture scroll of ‘constructing urban new space, creating urban new value and creating urban new life’.

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