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Oceanwide Group Donated RMB 50 Million Yuan to Actively Support the Flood-Fighting Disaster.

In late July 2010, a serious flood disaster in Jilin Province caused a huge loss of personal property to the local people. The flood disasters of Jilin province affected areas wide with great relief difficulties. The whole eight cities (states) in the province had been affected at different level and spread to 57 counties (city, district) and 460 towns. Moreover, the 28 villages of 11 towns in 9 counties (city) once became the ‘isolated island’. These flood disasters had caused more than 400,000 houses collapsed and damaged. Faced with such serious disasters, the CPC Central Committee and the State Council paid highly attention to the disaster areas, and the society from all walks of life gave their loves to the people of the disaster areas.

Floods are Ruthless, but people have feelings. To express the emotional support for the people in disaster areas of Jilin province and to increase the strength of flood-fighting disaster relief, effectively help the Jilin people to fight against the flood disaster and rebuild their homelands as soon as possible, On August 10, 2010, Oceanwide Group donated RMB 50 million Yuan to Jilin Province for the production of the affected areas’ people and life assistance. Oceanwide Group came forward again at a critical moment needed for our country and the compatriots suffering.

Oceanwide Group as a growing private enterprise benefited from the reform and opening up of our country and socialist market economy, engaging actively in the charity welfare undertakings over the years. It donated RMB 50 million Yuan to support the flood-fighting disaster relief in Jilin Province, which was another donation after supporting five provinces’ drought relief in southwest and Yushu earthquake in Qinghai province, adhering to the "three unities" enterprise development concept and the enterprise values of " from the society, for the society", and it is a vivid expression for enterprise to perform the social responsibility actively.

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