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Oceanwide Group’s Anniversary Celebration for the 89 years’ Founding of the CPC was Held in Beijing.

On July 1, 2010, in order to celebrate 89 years’ founding of the CPC, ‘Oceanwide Group’s anniversary celebration for the 89 years’ founding of the CPC’ was held in Beijing. Group Party secretary comrade Zhiqiang Lu attended the forum and made an important speech.

The party member studied around the spirit of ‘the seventeenth congress’ and the spirit of Group party secretary Zhiqiang Lu in the study and practice on Scientific Outlook on Development activities, talking freely about the experience in the study and practice on Scientific Outlook on Development, the way to fulfill fighting fort function of the party’s organization and the cutting edge exemplary role of communist party members. The atmosphere in the meeting was warm, and the party members talked freely.

In the symposium, Secretary Zhiqiang Lu delivered an important speech and pointed out ‘our party has different requirements in different times and different developing stages. Communist party members must accord with the zeitgeist and their personal behaviors should keep up with the way that our Party guides for us. The spirit of Oceanwide Group and the concept of ‘three unities’ is the ideological basis to keep consistency’.

Secretary Zhiqiang Lu emphasized, ‘Party members must have the spirit and idea of our party. Party members should remember his oath when recruited in the oath, to keep party's goal and the aim of serving the people in mind firmly. Party members must have Comrades spirit, to have common ideal and goal and common standards of behavior. Comrades are supposed to contribute selflessly and care for each other. Party members must have the spirit of practicing and they should be doers, not only speakers. Whatever the role you play, as a party member, the spirit of working in earnest should be reflected. Party members must be integrity, which is a kind of moral character and literacy. Party members should be magnanimous and try to seek truth from facts. Party members must have the spirit of dedication. When our personal interests conflict with that of our party and the goals of our society, we should adhere to the whole situation. Dedicating to society and nations in all aspects; Party members should have the spirit of the time and innovation, and make changes according to the development of times on the basis of seeking truth from facts’.

After the meeting, party committees of Oceanwide Group organized all the party members in Beijing to watch the opera ‘Sun in Snow’ in the National Grand Theatre which was arranged by General Political Department Song and Dance Troupe. The opera praised heroic convoy deeds of women entering into the Tibet in the early years of New China.

On the same day, each Party Committee, General Branch, Branch of Oceanwide Group also celebrated the anniversary for the 89th founding of the CPC separately.

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