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Chairman Zhiqiang Lu as the Member of Inspection of Standing Committee of CPPCC went to Shandong Survey

May 11 to 16, member of Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, vice chairman of CPPCC National Committee Gang Wang led the Inspection of Standing Committee of CPPCC to Shandong to carry on the inspection research on promoting economic structure adjustment and accelerating the mode change of economic development. The member of Standing Committee of CPPCC, vice-chairman of ACFIC, chairman of China Oceanwide Holdings Group Zhiqiang Lu went to Shandong with the group together.

Gang Wang emphasized that we should conscientiously implement the important instructions raised by general secretary Jintao Hu to the work of Shandong, further accelerating the understanding of importance and urgency of the economic development mode transformation, making speed up economic development mode to change as important goals and strategic initiatives of applying the Scientific Outlook on Development thoroughly. Holding tightly the significant opportunity of our nation to support the development of the east previously and constructing the ecological economic zone of Yellow River Delta and the blue zone of Shandong Peninsula. Changing the structure firmly, and promoting the transformation step by step. Speeding up to change the economic development mode and make a breakthrough. Accelerating the construction of the province with a strong economic and cultural in a new starting point, it would continue to advance in the forefront of the whole country in the process of constructing well-off society comprehensively.  

‘With independent research and technical support, the rapid rise of the traditional industry transformation and upgrading of emerging industries get an important guarantee’. When Chairman Zhiqiang Lu made an investigation in Qingdao High-tech Zone and Haier Group, he expressed consensus from committee members and local governments to the adjustment of industrial structure.

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