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Chairman of the Group Zhiqiang Lu made an investigation in Fujian

In order to investigate the investment environment and investment projects thoroughly in Fujian province, May 3rd to 7th , 2010, the member of Standing Committee of the CPPCC and the vice chairman of ACFIC, chairman of the Group Zhiqiang Lu jointly with the chairman of Lenovo Group Chuanzhi Liu, chairman of Wanda Group Jianlin Wang, chairman of Yifang Group Xishuang Sun, and chairman of China Wallink holdings Group Mingshan Ding made investigations in Fujian Province, mainly in Fuzhou, Wuyi Mountain, Xiamen etc.      

During the research, Secretary of CPC Fujian provincial committee Chunlan Sun and Governor Xiaojing Huang in Fuzhou met with the Group chairman line. Chunlan Sun said, ‘You are all large enterprises with power, great influence, and social responsibility. You concentrate funds and wisdom advantage to invest on Fujian province, is the great support on the economy and society development in our province. It is implementing the central strategy supporting the accelerating of the construction of Xihai, which we express our heartfelt thanks. Transformation of the economic development mode, adjusting the industrial structure and developing the modern service industry is the direction. Currently, infrastructure of Fujian is increasingly perfect, ecological environment is splendid and the development prospect is wide. Communications between Fujian and Taiwan is close, and the effect of tourism brand is continuously obvious. I hope that you will seize the rare chances and choose appropriate projects to cooperate. We will offer the best service and make efforts from both sides to promote an early operation of projects, early implementation and to achieve win-win progress’.

Five leaders of enterprises agreed with a common line that the investment environment was good in Fujian, and facing a rare opportunity in a suitable time. Five enterprises would determine investment project as soon as possible according to the investigation. Operating efficiently in realizing the development of enterprises, and made contributions to promote local economic and social development.

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