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Chairman Zhiqiang Lu Published a Signed Article in ‘QiuShi’ Journal

On February 1, 2010, member of Standing Committee of CPPCC, party secretary of Oceanwide Group, chairman of China Oceanwide Holdings Group Zhiqiang Lu published a signed article in ‘QiuShi’ Journal (Year, 2010; Issue, 03), ‘Consciously Subordinated to Serving the Overall Situation of Building Socialism with Chinese Characteristics’. The thesis was divided into three parts of ‘internal and external co-ordination and development’, ‘return to the society and promote harmony’, ‘people-oriented people together’, comprehensively introduced the philosophy of ‘three unities’ since China Oceanwide was founded, especially in recent years in implementing on Scientific Outlook on Development, adhering to the exploration and practice of scientific development, showing elegant demeanour of private enterprises growing with reform and opening up in China and interpreting the pursuing values of modern private enterprises ---‘the world public service’.

Attachment: Chairman Zhiqiang Lu’s article--- ‘consciously subordinated to serving the overall situation of building socialism with Chinese characteristics’ published by QiuShi Theory Net. Linked;
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