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Chairman Zhiqiang Lu, Oceanwide International Double Won the 2009 Annual Award of New Real Estate

On January 15, 2010, ‘2009 annual meeting of new real estate’ jointly hosted by SEEC and the new real estate planning organizations was held in the Park Hyatt Hotel, Beijing Yintai Center. At the annual conference, person of the year, annual top 10 name plates, the most influential real estate and other prizes were awarded. Chairman Zhiqiang Lu was invited to attend the annual meeting, and was selected the ‘2009 annual figure of new real estate’ and given credit for ‘the most cross-border real estate home’. Oceanwide International Residential District was also selected in the ‘2009 annual top ten name plates of real estate’.

When organizers introduced Chairman Zhiqiang Lu, he was described as ‘low-key like lake legend, strength as cross-border giant. Others based on one of the finance, estate, IT, energy, that can proud boast, Lu’s effortlessly dominating the four major fields but contenting elephant invisible. He Participates in China Minsheng Banking, developing Oceanwide International, becoming a shareholder of Legend Holdings, sitting Inner Mongolia Gas Business. Non-domain operators, Zhiqiang Lu is not only a entrepreneur, but also a strategist’.

Chairman Zhiqiang Lu said in answering host’s questions, ‘real estate industry is not the industry of the lowest cost and the highest efficiency, but real estate is a very good industry, making a great contribution to the development of entire national economy and progress of urbanization, it is also an industry of earning money’.

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