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The Tallest Building in Central China ---‘Wuhan Centre’ Laid the First Pile

Wangjiadun district, China Development Bank, China Construction Bank and other financial institutions, ‘Wuhan Center’ project cooperation units more than 400 guests attended the ceremony hosted by Ya Sun, the deputy mayor of Wuhan City.

In the opening ceremony, Chairman Zhiqiang Lu, secretary Song Yang respectively represented the project investor Oceanwide Estate Group and Hubei Province, Wuhan Municipal Government to deliver speeches. Chairman Zhiqiang Lu pointed out that the construction mission of Wuhan CBD was glorious, but task was tough with huge responsibilities. Oceanwide Estate Group would, as always in the urban development concept of ‘creating urban new life’, speeding up the development and construction of main projects of Wuhan CBD, and making a positive contribution to the construction, economic development and social progress of Wuhan city.

The secretary Yang Song stressed in his speech that ‘Wuhan Center ’as a new city landmark, was the microcosm of rapid economic development of Wuhan City and the most glorious project in the history of Wuhan urban construction. It would become another proud city card after the Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge.

In a vehement atmosphere of the color flower dancing and mechanical roaring, Governor Hongzhong Li announced Wangjiadun CBD ‘Wuhan Center’ project to start formally. Provincial and municipal leaders who attended the ceremony cut the ribbon for the project start. Meanwhile, 8 pile drivers started, formally laid the first pile of ‘Wuhan Center’ project.

The ‘Wuhan Center’ project is located in the center of Wuhan Wangjiadun CBD. The total occupying area of the project is 28,000 square meters. The total construction area is 320,000 square meters, the height of it is 428 meters and altogether 88 floors. It is mainly used for office, conference, flat, hotel, sightseeing to one super-high-rise multifunctional business complex. The construction of ‘Wuhan center’ begun on September 25 is an important historical turning point, which indicated that Wuhan CBD entered a new stage of comprehensive exploitation and construction. 

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