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The Projects of Changbai Mountain International Tourism Resort Was Started

CPPCC Jilin Provincial Committee Shengxue Bie, the leaders at all levels of Baishan city and Fusong county, chairman of China Oceanwide Holdings Group Zhiqiang Lu, president of Dalian Wanda Group Jianlin Wang, the director of Liaoning Yifang Group Xishang Sun, chief economist of Inner Mongolia Elion Resource Group Ping Wang and some other leaders from governments and enterprises attended the opening ceremony and laid a foundation for this project together.

‘Changbai Mountain International Tourism Resort’ is cooperated and developed by China Oceanwide, Dalian Wanda group, Liaoning Yifang Group, Inner Mongolia Elion Resource Group and some other domestic private enterprises. The project got substantial supports from Jilin Province, Party Committees and the Governments at all levels of Baishan city. With a mode of unified planning, operation and management, to build a new generation products of domestic leisure tourism and achieved the overall upgrade from sightseeing to leisure vacation.

The occupying area of this project is approximate 30 square kilometers, and constructing land is about 10 square kilometers. The total investments are more than 20 billion Yuan, and it is the single tourism projects of the largest scale in national investment. At present, this project has hired several top international designing companies to design the projects. They will prepare to build three functional plates which are Changbai Mountain International Conference Center, Changbai Mountain International Sports Centre and Changbai Mountain Ecological New Tourist City. The six-star Park Hyatt Resort Hotel, five-star Hyatt Conference Hotel, four-star Holiday Inn Conference Hotel and three-star Express Hotel will be built in the initial phase. Meanwhile, the largest ski resort of Asia will be constructed, which covers nearly 7 square kilometers. It can satisfy the high-level international events and the demands on primary and middle ski lovers. After the completion of the project, it will become tourism destinations and centers with full of distinctions in the north of China. It has an important significance for comprehensively promoting the tourism industry in Jilin.

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