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From the Chairman

From the Chairman

 For more than 30 years, China Ocreanwide has been developing and growing with China’s reform and opening up guided by the policy supporting private companies thanks to the Party and the government. Seizing the constant changes of China’s economic and social market, it has also carried out respective industrial restructure and optimization with new progresses achieved unceasingly.

Founded as a technology service company, it adopted a new industrial and profit model combining real estate development and investment in 1992; then in 2013, considering the economic and social development and changes at home and abroad, it further changed its aim to an international enterprise integrating industry and finance; by 2015, it has already formed the industrial and profit model combining real estate development and investment, electric power, finance and strategic investment with a more integrated industrial structure and more optimized profit model, thus presenting greater industrial, integrating and collaborative advantages.

In 2013,Oceanwide came up with its restructure and optimization strategy, which was implemented from 2014 and 2015 with the new development stage and goal proposed as “lay a solid foundation in three years and make a great achievement within ten years”. Moreover, from 2014 and 2015, it carried out comprehensive optimization on eleven systems including management, mechanism, talents, technology and operation, etc. in line with future development strategy as well as market and society changes and demands so as to meet with its restructure goal. With its successful optimization and restructuring and increasing profitability, the payment and benefit of professional managers and employees will be improved by a large margin and more attention will be paid to social welfare and poverty support. As a result, the company will shoulder more social responsibilities with greater vitality.

Looking forward, China Oceanwide has arrived at a new starting point to begin its “second entrepreneurship” journey. The Company will continue practicing the core operation idea of “integration of social objective, corporate objective and individual objective, integration of social responsibility, corporate responsibility and individual responsibility, integration of social interests, corporate interests and individual interests”, the core value of “from the society, for the society”, the core corporate ideology of “common morality, common mind, common success and common enjoyment”, seizing every opportunity to grow its core sector and business in the macro trend, endlessly promoting corporate optimization and upgrading and reform and innovation. Meanwhile, China Oceanwide will conscientiously shoulder more social responsibilities and make due contributions to the country, the society, shareholders, employees, customers, partners, make due contribution to the development of China’s economic and society and the “Chinese dream”of the human civilization and social progress with remarkable enterprise development achievement.

Chairman: Lu Zhiqiang